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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Underground City

The Underground City

Finding what is lost, or perhaps hidden
Congratulated by criminals, then attacked
For some things are meant to remain
Lost -- Yet we want to discover them
Mystery that gives life meaning
More than remaining content
With the banalities of well-ordered
Existence -- For at least a little while
We crave moments of adventure and exploration
Changing and growing -- Becoming
Always within the great mystery of the Universe
Infinite possibilities -- Borderland between worlds
Gates, doors, windows -- Crossroads of the Multiverse
Containing the Physical Universe as well -- The Underground
Too -- City of impossible possibilities -- Almost anything
You could want can be found, for a price -- That which is free
Is the highest cost -- Baby dragons, trolls, elves, even humans
All manner of magical creatures, refugees from the World of Faerie
Sometimes even royalty, carving out their own realm of influence
Close to Earth, the land of the waking and sunlight, mundane reality
They are responsible for many of the wonders here, there
Giving even the most industrial a spark of magic, even in the most
Grey places, especially there, in the corporate boardrooms
Magic is afoot -- But there are always rules, as with any great power
And consequences for breaking with tradition and the old ways
But that does not stop those who are greedy for power, fame, love
Exploiting the artifacts and beings from other worlds beyond the physical
For selfish and short-sighted purposes -- Ancient wisdom and knowledge
Turned to evil means if not evil ends -- But there is always more good
Guardians of the ancient ways and the new as well, working for The Balance
Against unrestrained Darkness inside and outside each individual human
Soul -- Light overcoming Shadow -- No matter how necessary in small amounts
To preserve and protect Life -- The gateway between worlds must remain
Safe from undue influence from creatures of darkness -- The Crossroads
World of Dreams, playground for gods, demons, faeries -- The Key to the Universe
Revolving around the Earth, focal point of human consciousness -- Useful conceit
Protection from outside forces -- The elements of wind, fire, water, earth, sky
The  ocean and the shore, the stairway circling upwards to heavenly worlds
And downwards to more earthy realms -- The purple dome of the underground city
Architecture of all times and places combined in a strange milieu of mystery
Many cultures, races, beings of light and darkness -- Even parallel universes
Different for each visitor, shared for those with strong bonds of friendship
Or antagonism -- Love, growing and changing together, alone -- Possibility
Becoming, being -- Five dimensions, elements -- Beyond time yet within all times
Always self-existing, circular -- The center of the long staircase -- The Star
Eye in the triangle -- All that is, was, and shall be -- Alone, together -- True Love Eternal

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