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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sophia - The Moon, Sun, and Stars

Sophia - The Moon, Sun, and Stars

The Moon in all its glory shines its reflected light down
On we the greedy animals below on Earth, and the plants
And the soil -- All searching for some kind of love, one of many
Forms -- Beauty enough for me to temporarily escape the past
All the longing and desire from my youth -- Still here, still there
Reflected in the passions of all life under the Moon, Sun, Stars
Light at night offers some relief from sadness and despair and loneliness
Occasionally we can see the Moon even during the day, a constant guardian
And guide on our path towards enlightenment, fulfillment, happiness
Change and growth and discovery and affection from a beautiful person
So too the Sun’s warmth and light reassures us that night and rest and possibility
For new love is always right around the corner -- Even when the Sun takes away
All illusions, no matter how ennobling -- We can become whole yet again
Discover love inside us -- There is always possibility for positive change
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, please know I love you
For better or worse, right or wrong, black or white -- I will be waiting
For the day or night you come to see me again -- Until then I will wait
Looking at the Moon and the stars, and the Sun with eyes closed during the day
I will feel the wind through the trees and the rain, and I will try to be happy
Or at least content -- Memories keep me company, but they are no substitute
For you being here in the present moment -- But they will do for now

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