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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

swans - The Sound of Freedom

We're standing by a river in a place where nothing moves
And the white light in the sky is meaningless and cruel
And we turn our face away from a cold and violent wind
And we bow our heads down
And we pray to the sound of freedom
With a mirror in my mind and my eyes burned in the fire
Drunk on self-deception and punished by desire
Leaping directly into a bright white sea
I'll keep myself breathing
And I'll swallow the sound of freedom
Nobody else can see you, nobody knows you feel
Go further back inside you, where nothing else is real
Now, throw yourself into a pool of silence you can see
And hold the mirror before your eyes
And light the white light
It's the sound of freedom
Now, time is just a picture that moves before your eyes
And every lie that I believe is falsely compromised
And this is not a sound, and we are not alive
And someone else was here before, in someone else's mind
And the ground we walk is sacred, and every object lives
And every word we speak will punish or forgive
And the light inside your body will shine through history
Set fire to every prison, set every dead man free
And the air we're breathing now, we breathed a million times
The darkest dreams we dreamed were dreamed by other minds
So take us to the water, and take us to the sound
And wash my soul away where it can never be found
And the white light that surrounds us
Is the sound of freedom pounding
And the ground that opens up
It spits the fire from freedom's mouth
And the concrete, glass and steel
Break with a freedom you can feel
And the wind that blows through Heaven
Yeah, it screams the sound of freedom
And the violence that destroys
Is the birth of freedom singing
And the lovers in the field
They make the sound of freedom bleeding
And the pain that eats my mind
Is the shout of freedom's life
And the fire that burns this city
Is the white light in freedom's eye
And the white light is the sound
Yet it is the sound

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