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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Political scientist Ian Bremmer on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

What’s happening in Gaza and why? And how did we get here? Political scientist Ian Bremmer joins Big Think’s Editor-in-Chief, Robert Chapman-Smith, to discuss the historical and political context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ► Ian Bremmer, a political scientist and president of Eurasia Group, joins us to discuss the historical and political context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this conversation, Bremmer and our editor-in-chief, Robert Chapman-Smith, explore the current dynamics between Israel and Palestine, particularly during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s tenure. They also delve into internal politics in Israel — including growing dissent against the government, how the conflict in Gaza is being handled, the influence of hard-right political parties, and the impact of these factors on the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians. 0:00 Palestinians forgotten 6:30 Israel’s domestic instability 13:17 Israel and Gulf states 19:28 Hamas’ strategy 27:06 Social media disinformation 37:20 Israel’s strategy and peace 44:40 U.S. support for Israel 49:32 World War 3? 54:07 Two-state solution Read more from Ian Bremmer on the Middle East crisis: The Gaza invasion will not make Israel safer ► Will the Middle East war cost Biden politically? ► What should Israel do next? ► What we know (and don't know) about Iran's role in the Israel-Hamas war ► A brutal wake-up call shakes Israel and the world ► Want more? You can get Ian’s big thoughts on the world every week by subscribing to his free newsletter here: Additional information sources: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by the Center for Preventive Action ► This United Nations’ document database ► Mapping the Massacres ► Films to watch: Paradise Now ► 5 Broken Cameras ► Waltz with Bashir ►

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