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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Genocide studies professor on Gaza: "We may be seeing ethnic cleansing as we speak" | DW News

Israel is home to a mixed population which includes about 20 percent ethnic Arabs, many of whom identify as Palestinians. They often face discrimination. With tensions in the region once again flaring, one group of activists in Israel is trying to promote solidarity across ethnic lines. DW's Aya Ibrahim reports from Haifa. For more, we talk to Omar Bartov. He is a professor of holocaust and genocide studies at Brown University and the author of numerous books on war, genocide and antisemitism. He has written on how the memory of the holocaust informs contemporary Israeli politics in an opinion piece for the New York Times last week entitled „What I Believe as a Historian of Genocide…" Bartov wrote "We know from history that it is crucial to warn of the potential for genocide before it occurs, rather than belatedly condemn it after it has taken place. I think we still have that time."   #israel #gaza #war

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