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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sophia - Flower of Life Light Love Truth Wisdom

Sophia - Flower of Life Light Love Truth Wisdom
Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit
Mountain Forest Sky Vision, Consciousness Expanding
She leaves me with a sense of inner peace and happiness
In the view of nature, in the world of living things we embrace
Underneath the waterfall of healing light, sun and trees, water
In her eyes, I find completion and wholeness, mystery and truth
Pure love, light of life, her reflection in flowers, animals, people
I know I am not the only person she loves, as friends or something
More -- She has many lovers, or once did, at one time
Or another -- Ancient history, yet I am not sure she has
Changed -- Nor if I want her to be different than she has
Always been -- Though I hope she continues to grow and change, evolve
Becoming within being who she is, and I am grateful for all
She has been and will be, my friend and dream lovers
No matter what happens, how I change and grow, or her
I will think of her everyday and look forward to the time
When I can look into the light, truth, and beauty in her eyes again
Inside my heart and soul, inner light and spirit fire, she is there
Beyond boundaries of space and time, physical separation
Though I long for her beautiful presence, her spirit remains
With me in my mind and memories, fragments of shared history
Souls and the possibility that she might one day love me as I do her
Gives me hope for the future, at least enough to get through long days
And nights alone - Long seasons without seeing her except in dreams
And we are finally alone together again, I feel young and happy
Creative and alive -- More than when we are apart -- True Love
At least for my part -- I will always love her not matter what
Happens -- What she does or says, what I do and say -- Always
Distance of body or spirit, there remains an unbreakable bond
When I talk to her, sometimes I say the wrong thing
Or the right thing in the wrong way or at the wrong time
Or at least it seems that way to me at the time, and shortly after while I think
About what I said and how I should have said something
Different -- Or the same thing in a different way -- Timing
Is everything -- Also with actions, or inactions, especially
When I am in her presence -- There are so many things
I wish I did, and things I wish I did differently, or not at all
Words and actions I cannot take back, silence and inaction
I cannot change now days or years after missed opportunities
Fumbled attempts at being love, in love with her and everything
About her -- Beauty and light in the darkness of my life
And the world of dreams and waking reality combined
We all must share -- I will never be able to forget her
Or my mistakes -- But I hope she will forgive me, and I
Can forgive myself -- Perhaps there is yet a chance for us
Together, in the future days and nights, years and decades
Lifetimes -- We can bridge the separation between ourselves
And each other -- This hope helps me keep going
Through the long nights alone and days with friends and family
Sometime we may be together, again and for the first time
More than friends or lovers, beyond boundaries and rules
Except love and freedom, our only responsibility to each other
The World and Universe, worlds within worlds, humanity
The Preservation of life, balance of light and darkness
Making Heaven present on Earth, teaching others what we know
Sharing our art and wisdom the best we can, together and apart
Finding happiness, two hearts and souls as one -- True Love

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