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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The World of the Future

The World of the Future

Advanced technology and more wisdom to go with
The ever changing human spirit, that yet remains
The same essential nature, better than it used to be
Better than things once were overall — The Hero
And Heroine — Come into the world to save us all
Yet we are all heroes, literally and figuratively

I awake and it is the future — One hundred years have passed
While I slept — Now I am in a world I barely recognize
Though the landscape remains essentially unchanged
Everything else is different: people, buildings, transportation
Not just in the Mega Cities, but also where I live at the edge
Of the misty mountains and its temperate rainforest
What once was a national park and is now a global one
Still the most diverse collection of communities of life
In the world — An ecosystem held in trust for the future
Generations to come, that have already come, for me
A traveler from the distant past unaware of how I came to be
Here now in the 22nd century of the common era

And outside the global park, as well as inside the borders
Free, plentiful, and clean energy available for everyone
The Sun, Wind, Earth, Water, and Cosmic forces of Sky
Harnessed for the benefit of all, with no cost or restriction
For those who use energy for heating, traveling, growing food
Essentially a paradise compared to the past, yet with some problems
Even in Utopia — But no hunger, poverty, or institutional injustice
A global government with local control through democratic means
And different styles of living in the hundreds of Mega Cities
Spread out over Planet Earth, unique yet unified by common interest
Peace and stability, order within the chaos of life and ever-increasing
Knowledge and wisdom about life, the universe, and the cosmos beyond

And in our space-time ship that I am lucky enough to have access to
Our first priority is to our home planet, and the stars and planets in our galaxy
And the stars and planets in galaxies beyond our own
Home — In all dimensions, universes, worlds connected
Parallel, alternate, pocket within and yet outside
The physical universe we call home
Even though I can go back to the world I once knew
The time of great transition at the beginning of the 21st century
I am not ready yet — There are so many beautiful and amazing things
Left to see, learn, and do in this new world of the future, yet now present

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