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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sailing Through Time on a Cosmic Ocean of Eternal Love

Sailing Through Time on a Cosmic Ocean of Eternal Love

Time travel, inhabiting my future self
Learning about alien species visiting Earth
Changing history by following along with myself
Leaving clues and signs for me to find later, earlier
Creating a small army of freedom fighters
Anarchists, socialists, communists united by vision
Of a world free from hunger, injustice, oppression
Taking the best of what the aliens have to offer for humanity
Replacing the old order and hierarchies of power
In the shared goal of making humanity a galactic citizen
Universal belonging, working for peace, justice, stability
And innovation — A bright future of light, life, love for all
Here, and beyond in the vast emptiness of space, other worlds
Transforming humanity’s basest instincts into higher callings
Dedication to truth, perfection, understanding of complexity
Instead of war, violent conflict, extreme competition beyond play
Shared resources, knowledge, wisdom — An Utopia — Life without fear
Problems we take for granted now, in the past, before
The Others come, who are yet to come, yet always here
Bringing new knowledge and wisdom that is yet old
Kept safe by elders of ancient cultures, carried on by future generations
Waiting for the day when they could share with all
Humanity suddenly confronted with the reality
That we are not ever truly alone in the Universe
For better or worse, and there are new, better ways of doing things
Organizing ourselves not only to survive
But thrive, and become full members of the community
Of the Universe of Universes — All times and places linked
By the knowledge and wisdom of the Elder Races
Guides and sometimes exploiters of the younger ones
Humanity — We must evolve and transform ourselves
Into something greater and more beautiful than we can imagine
Undreamed of, except by a few — The ones with love and peace
In their hearts and minds, those who are the storytellers
Artists, poets, philosophers — Leaders of thought and feeling
Those of gentle soul and also fierce passion for change and progress

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