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Monday, April 22, 2013

Center of the Future: The Game of Love

Center of the Future: The Game of Love

We both want to be with you, she says -- I love you
And I believe her, and I still love her, just not the same
Kind of love as hers -- Longing and deep desire
Threatening to overpower every other waking thought
Obsession -- And no escape even in dreams -- Needing
To want to be with the other -- And we will always love
Each other -- No matter what happens, how much pain
And sorrow comes from being apart from you
There is always a way, a possibility for happiness

Forgiving Ones I Love -- Myself -- All of them, yet one in particular
Romantic entanglement -- Relationships are hard
Especially ones that are intimate -- Without masks
Or with different ones than you use in public

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